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1- Best winning Long Term Daily 
Forex Signals for all major currencies.

It tells you the Entry signal Buy or Sell, Entry point, Exit Point,
several profit taking targets, Stop Loss and trailing stop loss.

* "Trend Reversal" It is this magic number that will tell you that the current trend is over and you should reverse your positions. 

* "Order & Wait" For a currency reach a specific point to enter a trend.

* "Caution" You need to pay attention for a currency as it may reverse trend.

* "Completed" for a currency reach the total 8 targets set for a long term trend.

2- Email Alerts during the day in case we need to exit any position before the next day emails signals delivery.

3- Delivered daily by emails
. Twice daily at the start of Japan, Tokyo trading time and before the USA, New York trading time.

4- Much more than +5000 winning pips each month as a result of our forex signals.  Proof provided at our performance page. (See tab on the left side menu) You can see our latest signals by scrolling down...

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6- We practice what we preach. We use our Signals in our daily live trading.

7- No trading experience required in financial services.

8- Just few minutes a day.

9- Free software indicators (with 3 month and over subscription.)

10- Free Gold & Silver long term signals.  

11- Signals issued on Saturday and valid for Monday Trading.

You will use our forex trading signals to maximize your profits on Forex whether you are a a veteran of the markets or someone who is trying out for the first time.

Our forex signal system generates forex trading signals for the major currencies Plus Gold and Silver and all you have to do is follow our signals and you will succeed.

Receive our GOLD & SILVER Signals Free Of Charge
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What they said...
your signals are really wonderful.
Since yesterday i am trading all Jap pairs successfully, 
You r right i have to be patient,
Looking forward to do business with you for long time.
T. Z.
Hi Fred,
I appreciate all of your help, keep up the good work you are brilliant, I love your service.
Eric T.  
forexhappy Hi Fred,
.... By the way congrats on the great signals, you seem to have a 6th sense of the market.  The hardest part is learning to be patient.